Monday, June 3, 2013

ISO-Tech IDM5 detachable probes

I have Brymen BM869 multimeter. Great piece of equipment but sometimes it is overkill if I'd like to measure voltage in my car where accuracy doesn't matter.
So big brother got recently toddler friend.

Two brothers.

Pocket/wallet multimeter made by ISO-Tech/APPA IDM5.

Just perfect for carry around in my pocket. Unfortunately I don't like one thing. Probes! These are fixed and can't be extend by for example crocodile clips.

No problem :) Let's make these detachable.

I found that Deans RC battery connectors will be perfect for this purpose.

Following pictures should explain whole process.

Resistance of crocodile clips.

Resistance of Deans connector. Not bad - 0.01 Ohm. Should not affect measurements.

Now - let's make probe hole bigger.

And check if Deans socket fit.

Case closed. Looks OK - I guess.

Probes with soldered Deans plug.

And ready to use multimeter.

That's all folks.

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